SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4  Instruct ushers give everyone 6 bookmarks as they enter the sanctuary. Announce 2017: YEAR OF THE BIBLE 5 minutes a day and ask people to stand and wave the bookmarks if they agree to invest 5 minutes a day to read the entire New Testament in 2017.  Then ask each of them to choose a time to read the New Testament daily. Note: First thing in the morning, before interruptions, works best for most people.

Encourage them to use 1 bookmark and to give the other 5 to family, friends and neighbors. Tell them to follow up weekly. Let them know that free New Testaments in English & Spanish are available at the church.  Also, explain that they can do the daily readings on their electronic devices by clicking the button below:

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11  Ask people to stand that gave away reading guides to family, friends and neighbors last week.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18  Repeat the above.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 25  Remind people that the readings begin next Sunday, January 1 with Matthew 1.  Ask them to remind their 5 family, friends and neighbors to begin reading January 1. Tell them not to get discouraged by the hard-to-pronounce genealogy in verses 1-17.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 1  The 5 minutes per day readings begin today with Matthew 1.  Ask each participant to do their readings daily and to follow up with their 5 toward the end of each week.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8  Ask those who have their New Testament with them to hold them up. Ask everyone who read the 5 minutes a day scriptures for last week to stand and wave.  Then ask everyone who had others read last week stand and be recognized.  Finally, ask everyone who is new to your church because of YB5 to stand and be applauded.

Review the readings for the week and ask for questions/comments.  Then, if lead by God, preach on some aspect of the weekly readings.


In addition, powerful citywide outreaches will be scheduled based on topics in the readings.  For example, everyone is asked to pray the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) aloud at noon on Saturday, January 7. You will be informed of citywide outreaches via email and the website.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at

May God bless you, your people, your church and El Paso through the New Testament in 2017 YB5.